Make School

I spent my 2015 summer at Make School. Make School, is a school for hackers. Make School offers a 2 years program and a summer academy. 

I noticed about MS at the GDC (Game Developers Conference) . I checked MS web site to get some information and to see the requirements. I was attracted by the summer academy. They offer scholarships for paying the tuition and housing. So I decided to applied to the summer academy and scholarships.

The summer academy have 2 tracks Game track and Apps track. 

Level 1

I filled out the online form. It asked my personal information and programming experience.

I wrote about the games I developed and the apps I made.

I sent the info and then I just had to wait, to see if I got to next level.

I was acepted at make school summer academy. 

Level 2

Weeks later the online application was closed. I got a mail saying, that's they liked my application and asking me to schedule an interview. 

I was really happy I got to the interview. So I schedule it. Later they sent me a mail saying, we where going to use AppearIn to have a video call. 

The day of the interview, I was working on a checking how some user where using an application I developed. I was travelling in Texas. I was unsure if was going to be able to make the call. Hopefully for me, at the time of the interview there was a big soccer match (Real Madrid was playing) and was able to escape and have the interview.

They start introducing they self and asking about me. This interview wasn't technical. 2 important things they asked:

  • Do you have a tourist visa? (If you are not an American citizen)
  • Do you have a Mac computer?

It's important to have a visa if you are international. Make school do no offer student visas, the are not an academic institution.  

The summer academy teaches the students how to use Xcode and coding with swift  . So if you don't have a Mac it is hard to accomplish this.

The interview was short, less than 15 minutes.  They told the decision of aceptance, was going to be sent by mail in less than 24 hours.